2017-2018 Chapter Officers

President Dr. Dimitrios Chondros  +30-698-328-0590 
Vice-President Dr. Constantinos Noutsis +30-694-770-6647
Secretary Mr Paul Sofikitis +30-694-348-1366
Treasurer Mr Alexander Lioulios +30-697-882-7953
Director of Hellenism Mr Athanasios Papapetrou  
Director of Philanthropy Mr Manos Aerakis  
Director of Education Mr Stavros Stathopoulos  
Director of Civil Responsibility Mr Dimitrios Toumpanakis  
Director of Family & Indiv. Excellence Mr Emmanouil Mpachlitzanakis  

Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of each month at the Evangelismos Hospital starting at 7 pm (summer recess July and August).