On the 17th of November our member Dr. G. Katranas was invited to attend the monthly general membership meeting of Delphi Chapter 25 (Manhattan, New York), which was held at the “Kellari Taverna” restaurant. The contact was arranged with the great help of Nick Papadopoulos, Supreme Governor Region 10. Our member received a very warm welcome from all the Delphi members and gave them a short briefing on the current situation in Greece.

During the meeting, the Delphi Chapter 25 appointed a committee to assist in the “Assimilation of the neo-Hellene Immigrants”. To explore and implement the proposal as it relates to the initiative to assist the new wave of Greek immigrants (most of them young professionals) arriving in the USA (many coming to the NYC area), seeking employment and assimilation assistance. The efforts will be centered on facilitating professional mentorships, legal advice regarding employment and residency in the USA as well as organizing Career Days.

The Delphi 25 Chapter is based in Manhattan (founded 1923) and it is one of the oldest Chapters of AHEPA. In the 1960s Delphi was the largest chapter with 1000 plus members. When its current president Argyris Argitakos joined the chapter in 2012, its inactivity prompted him to recruit a core group of dynamic & enthusiastic people interested in what AHEPA does and reviving the Chapter 25.